What wants to be born in you, beloved? By Holli Holden

I have become grateful for the moments when I remember to stop in order to listen to what the earth has to tell me…
This morning it was a flower who took me by surprise and shared her secrets with me~
She told me of her journey; how it began in darkness, in the quiet cool embrace of the quiet generous earth~She told me how the light called to her, and how slowly, but solidly, she began to unfold towards the simple inevitability of her calling~
She told me of the exquisite cracking open of all she knew herself to be;The opening that felt like death until she realized it was her birth….
And then, with her open petals, she asked, as only a full bloomed flower can ask:“What wants to be born in you, beloved? What does the light want to call into being from the quiet generous earth that waits patiently in the cave of your heart?”