Yoga as a pathway of transformation through embodiment.

Our body movement is a language beyond the limitation and boundary of words. What is your universal message?

Yoga has been a sacred journey of transformation through embodiment for thousands of years. Connecting the flow of the breath with the movement of the body and refining the subtle awareness of this connectivity to create strength, flexibility,balance and deeper peace inside where meditation naturally arises like a wellspring and clears all patterns of unnecessary tension from the body and mind to serve the expansion of the heart and soul for living peace inside and out. The movements of Prana, or the winds of movement also known as the Prana Vayus, being a root of this awakening understanding as the ancient reflection of the body being a microcosm of the macrocosm of the world we live in, can truly be seen in how we move through the world from conception to birth to breathing patterns, movement pattern, and patterns in our relationship to the world around us, allowing this journey on our matt to ripple into our growing understanding of these relationships to self, others, and environment.
The ancients have been said to reflect each practice as a mini lifetime. The beginning offering the expansion of the universal sound of creation, AUM, which represents the beginning of the manifestation from the most subtle of the elements into form, to the flow of the sustaining cycle as the physical flow of sadhana where we meet ourselves on so many levels from challenge and struggle to joy and release, laughter and tears, to the end where we drop in to the inner arts practices of meditation, pranayama and savasana, aka the“corpse pose”and find a sweet surrender back into the support of the earth, embrace of the sky, as the rivers of fluid fire flow through our bodies as our life force~ to the infinite release to space. Conception of life affirms this root creation story drawn from the Vedas, as from the most subtle essence as we are formed by the union of divine masculine and divine feminine from the subtle essence. The inward movement receiving and expanding into from the seeds of our fathers into the womb of our mothers where we begin the sacred journey of embodiment.
Our first breath is experienced as we emerge from the watery world of the womb into the world~ expanding this eternal exchange as we begin our dialogue with the ever changing flow and pulse of life. Each breath we inspire is drawing in all we need to nourish from the outer world as oxygen to the cells so that our inner world can dance in vitality, and each expiration releases the unnecessary heat and toxins from our being as carbon dioxide, sharing this with the plants, trees, and air that thrive in this sweet exchange. As science catches up with ancient wisdom we can see this dance on a microscopic level and witness this dance as the deeper inward movement serves the greater expansion and circulatory qualities and the downward movement serves to the filling of the great container as the breath and the upward and outward movement of the voice. These are the movements of Prana~ prana vayu being the inward rising movement as the breath, apana vayu as the downward movement that roots the rising up and outward movement as a plant roots down to rise with udhana vayu, samana vayu as the inward movement that serves vyana vayu for digestion and circulation of all matter and information. The elements being reflected inside and out as great mirrors to this dance of creation and life.
As we reflect this ancient wisdom and the universal dance in our bodies and lives, the mirrors become clearer; we are truly a microcosm of the macrocosm of the earth and our environment. With this growing awareness it is potent to witness another way to use this map of the body as one of the most powerful languages we are born with that spans beyond the limitation and boundary of words~ Body Language. The way we move through the world can be a powerful tool for communicating our deepest heart and connect with what we want to inspire and release. As each breath offers this opportunity for the cellular vitality of our bodies, we can also allow this to move into the needs of our lives. When we choose to move in a way that invokes a feeling we would like to immerse in or an activation that we need to release unnecessary tension in body and mind,we are truly offering this not only to ourselves but to our lives and this can ripple into our relationships. Just as the growing awareness of how we think is influencing what we are manifesting, our body movement can also be a tool for manifesting what we need for balance. So, what are you saying? How are choosing to move through your yoga practice? Your life? What is your embodied message?
Vinyasa is most commonly translated as “to place in a sacred way.” Krishnamacharya also translated vinyasa to mean anything with a beginning middle and end cycle, or a wave~~~ also the intelligent unfolding~~~ as we reflect these multiple translations there are also multiple ways to integrate this into our movement and allow for our movement to be mindful,a moving meditation, following the arching waves of the breath with the body movement in syncopation. This simple shift in focus can be the key to transforming your yoga practice from“doing”into“being”. As my teacher Shiva Rea often offers“move like love moves”from the famous Osho quote, which is an invocation to move in a way that you desire to feel. Like meditation when we give our movement practice a focus or dedication it is much like mantra, allowing fora clearing of the externalization into a deep connectivity to our essence and streaming this consciousness in movement or stillness depending on what you need for balance in that moment. Applying these concepts to your practice can allow a growing awareness of the choicest hat we make during each as ana and the choices of how we transition from one to the other. With the activation of this connectivity the evolution is to witness the choices we are making off the matt, how we choose to move from one place to the next in the course of a day, or week or month. How we chose to respond and react to our day to day flow with ourselves, our family, our friends and environment, and, for many,a way to reflect how this translates to the flow of life and relationships~ to self, others, and environment.
One practice that has awoken the current of subtlety for me has been sahaja movement that was introduced to me in one of the first experiences I had with Shiva in sringararasa vinyasa as she invoked the sacred dance of lover and beloved within. This intimacy opened me up to the tenderness we can inspire and share in movement and the healing potential that is there for us if we allow sahaja in. Sahaja is natural movement or spontaneous arising, where each moment is new~ a wellspring of presence, and is now for me an instant way in to healing through breath and body movement; becoming a river of love or a gentle wind of peace.
Prana Vinyasa® Flow yoga will help you discover the connection with your breath in movement and in life~ connecting to this source of flowing movement is the essence of streaming consciousness~ moving meditation~ allowing for fullness of presence to arise with each breath wave~