Kelley Doyle is one of my absolute favorite yoga teachers. She is one of the few successful yoga teachers who has truly transcended the ego and has an extraordinary ability to meet the students exactly where they are at on the path at that moment. She is real and fabulously knowledgeable when it comes to anything Prana Vinyasa. Kelley transformed my practice and my own teachings during the time we spent together. I strongly recommend Kelley’s trainings and classes to anyone with a serious interest in yoga.When you meet a person with a strong spiritual sadhana, it’s something that’s instantly tangible. Their radiance is contagious. Kelley is a natural born sahaja yogini. She has an ethereal, fairy like quality to her that couples with an inner mama bear strength. Her magical presence creates a safe space for her students while she skillfully guide them deeper into relaxation, to a place where they can start to experience the unique quality of sahaja movement. The innate reason we’re all drawn to prana flow in the first place.-Leila Worby, 500 RYT (Majoring in Prana Flow)

“Kelley Doyle’s yoga instruction sets her apart. Her soulful, stimulating and restorative style reflect her deep understanding of the body and it’s energy patterns. Despite being an advanced teacher, she’s always aware of students (like me) that need a little extra instruction. Thank you Kelley for always coming from your heart and intuition!” ~Keri DavisBishop California yoga practitioner + graphic artist 

“Kelley’s teachings will inspire you and touch your soul! She moves though life with passion and an open heart. This world needs her to share her light.” ~Hidonee Spoonhunter Bishop, California Prana Vinyasa teacher training 300 hour graduate

Kelley’s classes have graceful flows and themes that connect to place and community in an intelligent and safe way.  She teaches from the depths of her heart and she has the ability to welcome and BE with each person in the room.  I felt held and nourished by her instruction. I felt welcomed and seen.  She dances between challenge, relaxation, introspection and fun.  She is able to connect with the natural world in her classes and create a sense of union and connection that is yoga.  She is a masterful practitioner and instructor.  She shines her radiant light bright in this world inspiring others to do the same.  I feel blessed to be a student of this amazing human. Heather Sullivan Managing Director, Co-Founder
Balanced Rock Foundation

Kelly has taken me to a whole new level in my Yoga practice. She has shown me how to let go and tap into my inner voice while at the same time able to guide me through challenging poses beautifully. She is a kind, loving, wonderful teacher and friend. I look forward taking her teacher training in the future. Jeannine Cooper (yoga student/friend in San Clemente Ca.)

‘Kelley’s classes are full of heart and soul. All the sweet messages she pours on top of an invigorating yoga flow creates a feeling of love, light and peace. After practicing with Kelley for over a decade, I decided to take her Prana Vinyasa teacher training. She embodies a wholehearted training approach by incorporating hard work, fun activities and soulful reflection with love as the guide. And so her heartfelt gift of yoga is passed on and on and on….” ~Jean Eastern Sierra yogini

“My experience with Prana Vinyasa went beyond my expectations. Our bodies are our temples and learning how to connect with ourselves is the biggest gift. Kelley is an inspirational Teacher, Friend, and Sister. Prana Vinyasa is now part of my life and I can’t wait to see where this Yoga Journey will take me as a Prana Vinyasa Teacher.” Mariane San Clemente, California 2017 

“Love, love, love Kelley and her passion for this art PV which she has embodied. As I’ve been involved in body movement for 40 years, it is beautiful to see someone whose being has become their art. It isn’t many and not every day. Kelley moves with a grace and fluidity that drew me wishing that if I can move remotely like that again, I have to try. I’m still trying and with the love that it is presented the process is happening, little by little in me.  There is a science and a structure to Prana Vinyasa which is non apparent when just taking class. A method to the madness, a destination on the winding road, a journey worth taking. Namaste.” Loni. San Clemente, California 2017 

“If you get a chance to take teacher training prana vinyasa with kelley doyle you won’t be disappointed! your heart will be opened and the way you practice yoga will never be the same!” Mark brownell San Clemente, California 2017