This body is made of earth and gold

Sky and stars, rivers and oceans
Masquerading as muscle and bone.
Every substance is here:
Diamonds and silver, magical elixirs,
Ambrosia that gives visions
Herbs that nourish and heal.
The foundation of the planet,
Immortal magnetic Iron,
Circulating in the blood.
Every element in you loves the others:
Earth loves rain, sky loves sun,
Sun loves the space it shines through,
Space loves everyone equally.
In meditation, luxuriate in knowing this deep
And simple truth
Every cell is an organ of sense
Infused with majesty
~The Radiance Sutras translated by Lorin Roche

prana vinyasa flow yoga schedule ~ with kelley doyle

FOR ONLINE CLASSES join me on PATREON! Living Yoga Soul Sessions

Inspiring to activate daily accessible + sustainable home wellness rituals? I got you! Contact me for Private Sessions! $130 per hour (+ask me about discounted packages + sliding scale opportunities… Yoga is for EVERY BODY!)

NEW CLASS SCHEDULE!  Committed to the health and wellness of all joining the live classes, following the suggested guidelines for a clean and clear environment all ways! 

Monday  9:30 am  | Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

Fight Strong Gym, San Clemente 

By Donation: Suggested siding scale donation $10-$20

Venmo @shantikelley

Tuesday 10:30 am  | Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga ~ Live Stream

Om Yoga + Meditation, Laguna Beach

Sunday 10:00 am  | Donation Yoga in the Park! 

Heisler Park, Laguna Beach (By the WHALE!)

By Donation: Suggested siding scale donation $10-$20

Venmo @shantikelley

photo by Elena Ray

Call Kelley: (760) 937-3937

upcoming workshops & special events

Check out my Patreon Page Living Yoga with Kelley Doyle and practice with me online anytime, anywhere!

My passion is Living Yoga… yoga as a pathway of transformation through embodiment… Living Yoga is an adventure inside + out and gathering the essential tools to navigate the journey and friends to share it with is vital! Let me be your guide! On this platform I offer a variety of practice videos with insights to help you cultivate balance though the lenses of Yoga, Ayurveda + personal experience… click the link above and create your living yoga flow.

Prana Vinyasa Flow 200/300+ hour Advanced Immersion Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour guided by Kelley Doyle + Shelley Williams 
February 19-April 25, 2021

An affiliate program of Shiva Rea’s Samudra Global School of Living Yoga


Collective Energy Yoga, San Clemente + Om Yoga + Meditation Laguna Beach, California

Join us + guest teachers/artists embodying ancient + sacred pathways to balance + peace ALL WAYS! 

This YA approved yoga program is not just a path for teaching yoga, it is a path to living yoga for wellness + balance…body, mind and soul for LIFE. Integrating the roots philosophies of this ancient wisdom through movement practices, like Yoga, focusing through Meditation, drawing upon the guidance of Ayurveda + connecting to the natural rhythms of nature; from the cycles of the sun, the moon + the seasons; embodying the movements of Prana as the underlying current of the physical world guiding structure for flow; discovering the many tools that become essential as we open the sacred maps to help guide towards living into the highest potential + vitality ALL WAYS… ya… it’s wayyyy more than a yoga teacher training…

Beginning with the Foundations to integrating Prana Vinyasa, not to be confused with any other 200 hour yoga teacher training, it is essential to drop in to this course to take the advanced modules as it gives you your sacred training tools to move forward, Shelley and I will drop in to sharing the foundation sequences and all the essentials to begin your journey of becoming a Prana Vinyasa Yoga + Wellness Guide.

Kelley will be offering Elemental Vinyasa in the Spring/Summer + Chakra Vinyasa in the Fall (all dates coming soon!) as options to further your training and receive 300 hours + of Yoga Certification for those that already have a 200 hour training this gives you 500 hours of training! 


200 hour immersion $3200 (early registration paid in full before January 1 $3000!)

100 hour options $1500 each (early registration $1250 paid in full 30 days before truing begins!)

100 hour+ options for advanced study immersion guided by Kelley Doyle

Elemental Vinyasa Teacher Training ~ 90 contact hours (Location TBD)

Solar Elemental May 12-16 Lunar 45 contact hours ~ Elemental August 18-22 45 contact hours (tentative dates, subject to change)

Chakra Vinyasa Teacher Training ~ 90 contact hours (dates TBD)

Sacred Heart Yoga Pilgrimage                                                            
a return to essence in Ancient ireland
RESCHEDULING 2021 more details coming soon!

Magic. Mystic. Mythic.

You are invited! Join us for this New Moon Yoga Pilgrimage of the heart created to nourish body + soul while exploring ancient Irelands magical, mystical and mythical roots in the mountains of Wicklow at the beautiful Avondale Retreat Centre nestled along the Avonmore River. This is sure to be an adventure ALL WAYS! Daily Prana Vinyasa Flow yoga, nourishing foods, integrating tools for living in harmony with nature, connecting with ancient + sacred indigenous spiritual places and practices, hiking in the mountains and so much more!

AND!!! so excited for the new addition of Enneagram Experience with Shannon Nicole Bobo! Stay tuned for more details!

starting at $2500 for shared rooms! includes yoga, food, accommodations, adventures + more!
does not include airfare! contact me for more information + registration opens soon!

“Kelley is a soulful teacher with a heart of mountain gold. Nature informs her teaching of the flow of Prana. Her presence is a nourishing force to evolve as a teacher in her guidance.”  Shiva Rea

the light in me honors and bows deeply to the light within you ~ namaste

“Keep squeezing drops of the sun from your prayers and work and music… And from your companions beautiful laughter… You are with a friend now, learn what actions of yours bring freedom… And Love…”
~ Hafiz