“One touch
of nature
makes the
whole world
~ John Muir

“Take your heart out
into vast fields
of light
let it breathe”

~ Hafiz


With Kelley Doyle + Alli Russell

September 15-21, 2019


Prices includes sessions, lodging, villa, food. Does NOT include airfare.

An inspiring yoga retreat created to nourish body, mind, heart, (stomach!) and soul.

  • Come rejuvenate in this postcard-perfect part of Italy
  • Live la dolce vita as a local.
  • Love your poolside lounging, adventure hikes, bike riding, hot springs.
  • Yoga ~ nourish yourself through Prana Vinyasa Yoga

We’re staying at a rural villa estate in Monteleone D’Orvieto—a centuries-old village in Umbria, known as the “green heart” of Italy—a couple of hours outside of Rome. >> DOWNLOAD THE FLYER

“There is a space in the heart where everything meets. Come here if you want to find me, mind senses soul eternity, all are here, are you here? Enter the bowl of vastness that is the heart, sing the song that has always been sung. Give yourself to it with total abandon. Quiet ecstasy is here, and a steady regal sense of resting in a perfect spot. Once you know the way the nature of attention will call you to return again and again and be saturated in knowing, I belong here, I am at home here, answer that call.”

~ The Radiance Sutras, translated by Lorin Roche Prana Vinyasa®

“Keep squeezing drops of the sun from your prayers and work and music… And from your companions beautiful laughter… You are with a friend now, learn what actions of yours bring freedom… And Love…”
~ Hafiz