This body is made of earth and gold

Sky and stars, rivers and oceans
Masquerading as muscle and bone.
Every substance is here:
Diamonds and silver, magical elixirs,
Ambrosia that gives visions
Herbs that nourish and heal.
The foundation of the planet,
Immortal magnetic Iron,
Circulating in the blood.
Every element in you loves the others:
Earth loves rain, sky loves sun,
Sun loves the space it shines through,
Space loves everyone equally.
In meditation, luxuriate in knowing this deep
And simple truth
Every cell is an organ of sense
Infused with majesty
~The Radiance Sutras translated by Lorin Roche

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prana vinyasa flow yoga schedule ~ with kelley doyle

Monday   All classes are donation based! Join us!

6:00 pm | Dharma Yoga House ~ Dana Point

Tuesday 9:15 am | Dharma Yoga House ~ Dana Point
Thursday 9:15 am  | Dharma Yoga House ~ Dana Point
Saturday 10:00 am | Dharma Yoga House ~ Dana Point
Call Kelley: (760) 937-3937

“Kelley is a soulful teacher with a heart of mountain gold. Nature informs her teaching of the flow of Prana. Her presence is a nourishing force to evolve as a teacher in her guidance.” ~ Shiva Rea

Prana Vinyasa

a sacred return to body, like coming home ~

an invitation to return to the essence of heart
through breath, movement and flow ~
a return to the natural pulse and sway
that arises from the wellspring within
nourishing mind, body, spirit and life ~
deeply honored to share
with others a gift that is as mystic as it is practical
for living balance and peace inside and out.
Prana Vinyasa truly is LIVING YOGA ALL WAYS…

Yoga Teacher Training with Kelley Doyle for Shiva Rea Prana Vinyasa

the light in me honors and bows deeply to the light within you ~ namaste

“Keep squeezing drops of the sun from your prayers and work and music… And from your companions beautiful laughter… You are with a friend now, learn what actions of yours bring freedom… And Love…”
~ Hafiz